Favourites in Life

I want to dedicate this space to honour and respect the lovely things in life that make me grateful, thankful, learn, grow, laugh, squirm, cry, fist pump, work harder, fail smarter, cook, bake, and make better cocktails, and sleep better at night simply because they exist. So here we go:

Journalism/Social News
The Onion    given their 350,000 plus international journalists, this social news site hosts some of the most pointed journalism I’ve come across.
The Atlantic   their exceptional photography, concise writing, and tall confidence aside, often, it’s a rabbit hole with my burrowing.
The Walrus   is a Canadian publication that succeeds within it’s aim to feature and support local writers, broad opinions, and thoroughly engaging content.
The American Conservative  they say it best themselves: “The American Conservative promotes a conservatism of realism and reform. A conservatism of ideas over ideology, and principles over party.” Typically, I hate the word conservative, but the objective, rationale, and vision set out by these people is highly integral.
On Being    is an online-magazine dedicated to the conversation of humanity, moral imagination, wisdom, and poetry.
Ted   no introduction needed, that said, if one is, grab some pjs, make a bowl of popcorn, get comfortable, and click the link.
Elephant   the magazine, is a compendium of visual art, in all forms relevant to culture, society, and trend.
Frame   is a highbrow, upscale, quirky and provocative magazine featuring international corporate and small business design. I’ve loved this for years.
Genius   truth be told, I lost track of this site until right now. (you’ll never know when 🙂 The site features the most up-to-date music dialogue with the biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge (links to my favourite track right now).


My Friend’s Bakery   is where magic happens. The air holds secrets for rising her bread, her clocks ferment it on the hour, and people gather happily while mystery dances around their heads. 
What is Sourdough Bread  anyways? There are many sites loaded with info about it but there is something that precedes it’s science–life. Flour, water, and salt is all one needs.
This 1 book has been nearly everything I needed   Chad Robertson not only captivates and persuades his readers to at least try making bread by the images alone, his writing style is that of an eloquent renaissance poet–romantic, moving, and intriguing.


Important Tools:  Which brand of dutch oven you use is not necessarily as important as the type and size (5qt. minimum) That is, porcelain works well, cast iron is amazing, stainless steel or aluminium is not awesome. I’m suggesting using dutch ovens because I’m assuming most of you don’t have a wood fired oven. If you do, awesome.
Bench Scrapers,   Large Container,  Baguette Pan,   Bakers Scale,   Bakers Blade,  Proofing Basket,  Cooling Rack,  Bread Knife,  Good Flour, and that’s it.