Sourdough Bread


Sourdough Bread–I just love it.

The benefits to this ancient and pure form of making bread far surpass any modern commercial invention. I am lucky and take sincere pleasure to be working at my friends bakery–the Pennyloaf. I have to credit her for peaking my interest and exposing me to what I can now say is a new passion project for me.

In my ‘favourites’ category at the top of this website, I feature discussions on sourdough bread, some of it’s history, some sources to learn more about it, and of course, the bakery I’ve come to love.

Enjoy these pictures, they reflect a deep admiration and commitment to doing what I love, paying homage to the ancient craft, and re-inspiring people to live mindfully about what we eat, purchase, and support with our paycheques.

unbaked sourdough

scored bread

scored baked bread

scored baked bread

scored baked bread

baked bread