Me, Theodore, and Arthur

Welcome, I’m David Regnier

You probably already know that my name is David Regnier, if not, now you do. There are a few things I can share with you right from the top.

  1. I am many things: I am a man; a husband; a father; a friend; a son; a son-in-law; a brother, a grandson; an uncle; a cousin, entrepreneur, personal coach, and… a pet owner.
  2. I LOVE being in the kitchen. Literally, any chance I get to cook, bake, or make cocktails, I always will.
  3. I am an avid learner. Some of what I nerd-out on is: books; exercise; food; nutrition; self-development; writing; homesteading; being a partner; partying; music; farming… really, so so many things.
  4. I am committed to myself, my ethics, my values, and seeing them through on a daily basis. I am NOT perfect at this, but rather, I strive to have congruence between what I believe and my actions.
  5. I am evolving continually. What that means is I hold the right to adopt or change my perspective when I choose, based on what I allow to influence me. As the world changes, so does what we uncover, how we see it, and how we relate to it. History is a great example of this.
  6. I am a heart person. I cherish relationships that have depth to them, that are transparent, vulnerable, and also honest. As a result, I am also attracted to and led by similar people.
  7. I’m a thinker, dreamer, and creator.
  8. I am a person of faith. I will not define that here, but I would be more than happy to have an engaging and respectful conversation. I am interested in a dialogue where the objective is to learn and know more about the other and not to be proven right.
  9. I love what is good. I hope to share, explore, define, re-define, be stumped, be confused, celebrate, laugh, and sleep well while reflecting on the notion of goodness.

So there you have it, a 9 point approach to who I am. You’ll learn more about me as you come here and read, watch, and engage with me on this journey called life. Last, because some of you are wondering, yes, the picture at the top is of me and my kids. However, one is missing, my daughter.

Here she is, and yes, that is one of my sons peeking out from behind the statue with Greta’s same haircut. FullSizeRender 15

I will be posting here every so often. Please come back and comment and share with others. Thank you for being here,

be well,